The Eccentric Workshop

a brief look under the hood

wood • metal • leather • electronics

What's this all about?

It all started with taking things apart and (usually) putting them back together. It progressed with electronic kits (in the pre-Arduino, Radioshack days), model rockets, various (and numerous) programming languages, go-karts, wanting to build bigger and better things, and preferring to fix and improve things. Things got more formal in college with courses in computers and electronics and extracurricular activities in amateur radio along with SAE Mini Baja and Aero Design competitions. After college, my needs meant I fabricated a lot of items rather than buying them. Somewhere along the line I figured out others may be interested in what I was doing and started selling my creations.

As my needs progressed, I learned how to do what was required and acquired the tools as needed to complete the next project. As a collector, I rarely pass up the opportunity to add a new skill or tool as I go.

Next Big Projects

Here's a bit of what I'm currently working on: